• In all categories the central referee has the authority to stop a match when either of the competitors is in danger of serious bodily harm as a result of a submission and award the victory to competitor applying the submission.

  • Cervical locks or neck cranks are not allowed in any category.

  • Athletes under 18 (Juveniles) and white belts are not allowed to compete in the open class.

  • Wrestling shoes or any type of shoes, head gear, shirts under the gi (except for girls) and any kind of protectors that can alter the outcome of the match in any way are not allowed in competition.

  • In children divisions between 5-15 years, when a competitor is executing a triangle and the opponent stands up it is the referees obligation to stand in a position to protect both athletes, specifically to reduce the risk of cervical damage.

You cannot compete in a lower belt division than your previous Jiu Jitsu tournament. (ie. If you competed in purple, you cannot go back down as a blue).

Fight Time

Ages & Belt Rankings Time
4-5 years old 2 minutes
6-7 years old3 minutes
8-9 years old3 minutes
10-11 years old4 minutes
12-13 years old4 minutes
14-15 years old4 minutes
16, 17 years old5 minutes
White Belt5 minutes
Blue Belt6 minutes
Purple Belt7 minutes
Brown/Black Belt10 minutes
Black Belt10 minutes
Women Purple/Brown/Black Belt8 minutes